Building a wooden house

Building a wooden house

If you are going to build a log house then read through our article with attention. Especially wood construction and wood pile construction lend themselves to building a house with. Without construction or do it yourself experience you can learn this. The only thing you need to know are the measurements of your plot so you can pass this on to the specialist store. Often there will be an employee who can give you advice on how best to get started and where there are tutorials or manuals available. Also make sure you have the right permits for the plot because it would be a shame to have to tear it down later. You can also immediately install a solar panel and solar water heater to become self-sufficient. In the long run this has many advantages for your wallet and the environment.

Advantages of building a log house

Having a wooden house built may be easier for you to find but there is nothing like building a wooden house together. In addition, the price tag is also attractive. This leaves you with money for solar panels and a solar water heater, for example. Everyone can start living climate-neutral and contribute to a better environment for the next generation. The insulation is up to 10 times better in a wooden house, so you are more economical with energy. It also insulates better than a row house and that will be reflected in your energy bill. Also, when you build your own house, you can choose the sun position you want in the front and in the back. This is also an important factor when buying a house only now you decide!

Building a sustainable log house

It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly construction method which today also counts in the consideration of doing so. Everyone wants to contribute to a better environment for the next generation. Often the log houses have a quality mark and therefore trees are replanted and CO2 emissions are reduced. In addition, the insulation of a log house is up to 10 times better than that of a row house. Building a log house requires patience but it is nice that you can arrange everything yourself. A log house lends itself perfectly to an energy-neutral climate and you can make yourself self-sufficient. With solar water heaters and solar panels you can have climate neutral energy! And perhaps you can even deliver power back to the grid or energy company. So it can even make money!

Disadvantages of building a log house

The disadvantage of building a log house is that you have to do a little more maintenance. But this does not outweigh the advantages. So on average you will have to stain and paint 1x per 5 years. But as with a normal house you should also regularly check for cracks and crevices. Not only for safety but also for energy savings. A log house will last about 50 years at a relatively lower price. The biggest disadvantage is the permits you have to apply for. This paper mill takes a lot of time and in many places the municipalities do not always cooperate. Fortunately, the past year has seen changes in this regard, so that is positive news.

What to look out for.

The most important thing is that you make a choice between building a log house yourself or having a log house built. You have a certain budget in mind that you want to work with.
Next, it should also be the perfect location and a large enough plot. After all, you also want to be able to sit outside in warm weather. This is also very important in terms of sun exposure! Then you have a picture of requirements in your head. It is important to think the picture through and see if it is possible. When you have a log house built you need to see if it fits into your budget. Always ask for a quote from several parties and compare them thoroughly. This is the most important thing you need to arrange and then you can start building.

When to build a log house

More and more municipalities are granting permission to build a log house on vacant agricultural land. This has the advantage that you can live in a natural and green environment. You can also determine the appearance of your house yourself. But you also have the opportunity to buy a nice piece of land if you like fresh herbs or gardening, for example.

A unique opportunity for an affordable home

In addition, you have the unique opportunity to generate electricity with solar panels and heat water with a solar water heater. In the long run, this ensures that you can become self-sufficient and contribute to a better environment. So you can live without gas! Even if you like lying in the sun, it is an advantage to have a log house built or to build one yourself. You also determine the location and so you can adjust the sun to your wishes! Build your own dream home without having to spend too much.

When do you have a it built by a professional?

Choose sustainability with log home building. It is fast, efficient and sustainable! It is also many times cheaper and you can customize it to your own taste. The way to an affordable home within a short time. By having it built you also get the quality hold that you can expect from a supplier. In addition, because of the years of experience of these companies you have an affordable home in a short time. Everything is possible so do not hesitate to ask these companies.

Good News

Recently, good news has appeared if you are starting to build a wooden house. mMore and more municipalities see something in this especially in agricultural areas. In this way, they can adjust the housing shortage on a large scale within a short period of time. If you are not so materialistic, you can have a wooden tiny house built. The municipalities often support you in finding the right builder. But of course you can also build it yourself. In Zeeland there is even a €20,000 subsidy available. Consult your own municipality for the possibilities.



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