Selling a house without a real estate agent

Selling a house without a real estate agent

The most chosen argument for selling a house without a real estate agent is that it saves a lot of money. The downside to that is that it takes a lot of your time. The trick is to find the balance between cheap and expensive. A real estate agent costs a lot of money but they often have a network of people who are interested and good brand recognition. However, you can achieve anything through marketplace or social media nowadays. Just make sure you have a good purchase contract drawn up by a lawyer or notary. This prevents misery with the money. Go sell your house yourself and if it doesn't work out then still use an estate agent.
Not shot is always missed.

Keep net more

Selling a house yourself without a real estate agent is becoming increasingly popular. The power of social media and various platforms where you can place your house is growing rapidly. There are also more and more internet brokers with a network that does not charge nearly as much as a real estate agent. Research shows that if your house is worth 250,000, you can easily spend €4000 on commission to a real estate agent. With an internet broker this is already possible from €1500,- but if you do it yourself it will cost you nothing of course. Be careful to immediately report any defects to the buyers. When you don't or don't record it well they can always come knocking at your door saying something was wrong.

Why sell a house without a real estate agent

You must be wondering why sell a house without a real estate agent? The answer is quite simple it saves a lot of money. But in addition, it is also much more effective to sell a house yourself. Who knows the neighborhood better than you? And of course you know what the best places in the house are and what the history of the property is. A real estate agent looks at the area and location but a real personal touch is missing. The only disadvantage is that you often have no negotiating experience. This is where a real estate agent comes in handy because he knows how to get that extra money out of your house. Of course he does that for his own commission.

Promote through various channels

Through social media, you see more and more people selling their homes without a realtor. This is because of course they want to sell their house for a good price. But they can also tell the personal story of the house the best way. Buying a house also happens a lot on feelings and as a seller you can respond well to that. You also see many houses on marketplace. There are also quite a few responses from it.

Attention !

Just make sure you can negotiate well yourself. It's never fun if you regret something afterwards. And make sure you are legally sound because otherwise they can always come and get money from you later. Any defect in your house you must describe that is called a reporting obligation. Otherwise the buyer can recover the costs from you within a considerable time.

Selling through an internet broker

If you find the step to selling a house yourself too big, you can choose an internet broker. They do not ask thousands of dollars in commission but a fixed low price. And an internet broker is just as good because they can also digitally handle all data of your home. Note that you have an obligation to report any defects. Otherwise the buyer can always come and claim this from you later on within a reasonable period of time.
Selling a house yourself is quite exciting and you often do not have the negotiating skills. An internet broker takes care of this for you, only digitally. He knows exactly how to negotiate. You can also legally sign and document everything via the Internet.

Tips for selling your home yourself without a real estate agent

If you are going to sell a home without a real estate agent, it is important to clearly follow the step-by-step plan. You begin, of course, by determining the date of sale and the price you want to fetch for your home. Make sure the asking price is higher so there is room to negotiate. Next, you're going to get your house sale ready and clean up all the clutter and decorate the house as spaciously as possible. Digitally people want to have an eye on the space that is there so make sure it is not too full. Then you can choose to make a text and place it on known and lesser known sales sites. And now wait for responses and soon hopefully sell your house yourself.


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