Replace front door? These are your options

Replace front door? These are your options

Must you replace old front door be, but not so sure what's wise for choosing a new front door? No worries. In this blog article, we'll tell you all about the options you have.

Wooden and aluminum front doors

Front doors are available in wood and aluminum. A wooden front door is a budget-friendly solution. Plus, wood gives a natural look to your home and, with proper maintenance, the front door will last for decades.

Aluminum front doors are a lot more expensive than wooden front doors, but on the other hand, they are low-maintenance. You only need to clean the door with a little soapy water every now and then. That's all.

Criteria for choosing a front door

Apart from choosing an aluminum front door or wooden front door, there are some criteria that you can use to choose a front door. These are those criteria:


Security should always be a priority when choosing a front door. Invest in a door with solid locks, preferably locks with an SKG *** rating. In addition, consider additional security measures, such as installing a door chain or a digital door spy.


A well-insulated front door can help lower energy bills. Pay attention to the insulation value of the door and choose a model with good rubber seals around the door to prevent drafts. Double or triple glazing can also help improve the insulation value.

The advantage of a well-insulated door, besides a lower energy bill, is that less noise from outside enters through the front door.

Style and design

The front door is the first thing your guests see when they visit. Therefore, it is important that the style and design of the door matches the look of your home. Front doors are available in numerous designs. From classic to modern, in different colors and with various decorative elements. So there is always a front door to find that fits what you need.

Visit front door specialists

Choosing the right front door is an important decision that will affect the look of your home. Therefore, take the time to weigh the different options against each other. Above all, we recommend visiting front door specialists so that you can admire and try out the different front doors in real life. Good luck with making your choice!



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