What is a Dekton kitchen countertop?

Dekton kitchen worktop

A Dekton kitchen countertop or countertop is made of glass, porcelain and quartz. Combining these materials creates the hard material you find in many households today. You can also have a Dekton countertop or Dekton kitchen countertop custom made. This gives you a sturdy top to work on and gives it a natural look. Where nature takes thousands of years to produce you can have the with the latest technologies in every hour. It is also maintenance free when you use the right cleaning products. The material is resistant to scratches so you can just remove stains with a scouring pad.

The benefits of a Dekton custom-made kitchen worktop

When you have a Dekton kitchen countertop custom-made, you can be sure it will fit. But this is not the only thing you look for. It is a stain-resistant and colorfast material. So you can use it in any style. In addition, it is scratch resistant and easy to maintain. You can also put hot pans on this countertop. It is heat resistant and it will not work at high temperatures. So you can enjoy it even longer. There are more and more styles available. Including the rugged wood and marble look a like kitchen countertops.

What does a Dekton kitchen countertop consist of?

A Dekton kitchen worktop consists of a mixture of different raw materials. Among others, glass, quartz and porcelain are combined with the latest technologies and sciences. This material does not become porous and is also very strong. It also gives a natural look that gives your home a little more luxury. It is one of the most expensive materials for kitchen and countertops on the market. And yet it is worth every euro! More and more colors and styles variations come on the market. So is the natural, wood, concrete and marble look. Also, with regular maintenance, it lasts for decades. And the color also stays the same. What more could you ask for?

The disadvantages of a Dekton kitchen worktop

There are virtually no disadvantages to be found on the Internet. The only thing that ever holds people back is the price. This is because it is one of the most expensive materials due to the combination of fabrics and the use of the most advanced technologies. It is also not really possible to put your personal touch in it. Maja we don't call that a disadvantage just a setback. Also, some people like it when a countertop shows wear over the years or starts to weather. This gives just that personal touch. But a Dekton countertop or kitchen worktop does not have this and will look the same over the years as when you bought it.

What types are there ?

You have different types of Dekton kitchen countertops. It starts with the solid Dekton kitchen countertop. This is a solid color where the extra attention is in the relief of stone or wood features, for example. Then you have natural Dekton kitchen countertop. This kind focuses on natural elements like marble or granite. If you are more of the modern era or futuristic minded you have the tech collection. These kitchen countertops are the cream of the crop and go with all modern appliances. So if you are going for a modern interior then this model is recommended. One of the most common examples of this is the kadum design. This is a rusty design that makes you find yourself on some kind of other planet.

How do you maintain a Dekton kitchen worktop?

A Dekton kitchen worktop will last for years and is low maintenance. Aside from the occasional wipe down with a cloth or sponge, it does not require deep cleaning. This is because of its hard design and that there are no seams or gaps. Do you get unexpected stains such as wine you get it with a scouring agent off. Lime scale is also no longer a problem and can be removed quickly with a lime cleaner. The polished versions of Dekton kitchen worktops are more sensitive. You will have to clean them a little more often. But generally speaking, it won't hurt if you don't do anything for a few weeks. Even then, the hard material is still easy to clean.

What are the looks of a Dekton kitchen countertop?

A Dekton kitchen worktop is made from different raw materials. This makes for a low-maintenance and rock-solid kitchen top. You have them in different looks. First of all you have the brushed version which is often completely matte. But the advantage of this is that it is available in multiple colors. Then you have polished versions of a Dekton kitchen worktop. These can be found in marble, stone or wood look. This generally gives a tougher look to your kitchen. Check with your local kitchen store to see what options are available. More and more companies have an extensive color range or an inspiration book for the shapes that are available. Even concrete is nowadays imitated to a beautiful concrete look countertop.


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