Old pink is hip!

Old pink is hip!

Old pink a "granny color"? Not at all! Old pink is super trendy and we see it more and more in modern interiors. The soft color fits perfectly into the natural and minimalist home trends. Moreover, old pink combines well with many different colors.

Where do you use old pink

Old pink can be reflected everywhere. In the window decoration of the bedroom, in cabinets of the kitchen, on the walls in the living room. It is a color that suits (almost) everything and everyone, precisely because on the one hand it is a very distinct color and on the other hand it combines well with many different other colors.

What colors match old pink

Old pink combines well with many different colors.

- Mustard Yellow. Both colors complement each other well.

- Green. Then choose a soft shade of green, such as sea green or gray-green. Harder shades can begin to dominate the old pink.

- Gray. Again, do not choose hard gray, but go for softer shades such as mouse gray or dove gray. These colors soften the old pink and they flow nicely into the pink.

For which elements do you choose old pink

Old pink fits for different types of elements. Just keep in mind that it is a "contagious" color. On old pink chair upholstery, for example, you will see a stain faster. Do you have children or pets? Then do not choose old pink elements that they can easily reach.

You can paint or wallpaper an entire wall old pink just fine. The color also goes well with a piece of work. Plaids over the sofa or chairs, old pink curtains, a high-pile rug for the couch, with this color it's all possible. Nowadays you can also find more and more old pink accessories such as vases, wall shelves and repainted side tables. Going for authentic elements? Then also check out the thrift store.





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