Stainless steel worktop with sink

Stainless steel worktop

A stainless steel worktop with sink consists of an alloy of stainless steel and chrome.
By joining them together, your stainless steel worktop cannot oxidize or rust. Therefore, it is also a durable and hygienic choice. But in addition, it is also heat resistant which means you can put your pans on the countertop. The only downside is that it does tend to be more susceptible to scratching. So be careful with sharp objects! Choose the design that suits you because there are many types such as smooth and brushed. Brushed is for the tough look is a recommendation.

Maintenance of a stainless steel worktop

A stainless steel worktop with sink has little or no maintenance. This is because stainless steel can be seamlessly finished so there are no crevices, cracks or holes. Make sure that you use the right cleaning agent that is suitable for stainless steel. Do you feel that there are still stains or irregularities in it? Then choose a product such as steelfix. This is specially designed for stainless steel and cleans deeply and thoroughly. If you use other cleaning products, stains or spots may appear. Always polish with a cloth because a scouring pad can cause scratches. If you are in doubt about the stain use a cloth with steelfix on the stainless steel worktop.

The advantages of a stainless steel worktop

A stainless steel worktop has more advantages than disadvantages. To begin with, it is heat resistant, which means you no longer need a coaster for the pans. In addition, stainless steel is known not to oxidize or rust. It is also waterproof which ensures that your stainless steel worktop will not become porous or stained. It is important that you use a good cleaning agent and do not use a scouring pad. This prevents scratches and damage! You also contribute to a sustainable environment because it is fully recyclable. It is designed seamlessly, so you will not be bothered by food residue or bacteria in sealant edges or seams. It also lasts a long time when you maintain it well.

The stainless steel design

A stainless steel worktop provides a tough or calm appearance. This of course depends on the choice you make here. A brushed stainless steel worktop gives a tough look and a smooth one a calm or neutral look. Of course, there are many more possibilities. You could look at the examples at a kitchen store near you. In addition, many people also find it sleek and modern looking. This is because of its timeless look and that it fits into almost any interior. It is also fully recyclable, which is also a factor in people's choices today. And it has a long life when you maintain it properly. Hot pans or stains are history. Be careful with sharp objects though.

Where can you use it?

You used to see a stainless steel worktop with sink only in the big catering kitchens. Today, this is also available to the home user. It is in high demand because of its timeless design. But in addition, it is also maintenance friendly and good for the environment. There are no more seams or gaps because it can be made in one piece. The combination of different types of steel ensures that you can easily clean it. You can also put hot pans on it without damaging the worktop. For daily cleaning you can use degreasing soap. And for the big cleaning you can again use a product like steelfix.


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