Laminate laid for free

Laminate laid for free

You often see that laminate is laid free of charge when you buy it from a specialist retailer. You can then often also arrange for a suitable underlay and skirting boards. This not only saves you a lot of time but also a lot of money. Of course, this is often already included in the price but it is a reassurance for most people. Often you have no understanding of subfloors and moisture barrier and then it is nice that the laminate is laid for free. 

What can go wrong?

Wood always contains some moisture and of course you don't want it to soak into the floor. This can cause bumps and, in the worst case, a whole new floor has to be laid. Housing corporations are also becoming more and more demanding, so laying the floor yourself is a big risk. It also prevents waste because the skilled people do this every day.
If you were to do this yourself you would quickly waste 30-50 % of the laminate.

Laminate including laying

When you want a laminate to last for years, you're probably looking for a laminate offer that includes installation. You pay a bargain price for the laminate and they also install it properly in your home. Often they do laminate installation for free because this is already included in the price. These companies also arrange the subfloor and any baseboards. So you do not have to worry about anything. Your house will shine again and without any unevenness or long days for self installation. 

Risks if your laminate is not laid for free

For example, your home meets the noise reduction which is one of the most common requirements among homeowners or residential construction today. And what about waste? This is reduced many times over by the laminate installers who do this every day. They usually waste only 20-30% where a do-it-yourselfer wastes 30-50% of it. This makes for great savings and a better environment!

Why is laminate laid for free?

The laminate can usually be laid for free so that companies also do not get complaints about the quality of the laminate. Many people blame the store that the stuff is not good. But often they have laid it themselves poorly so that a lot of moisture can draw in or that it is crooked. It is a precision job to lay laminate. A professional often does this every day and knows exactly what to take into account. A good base and skirting boards are often also important for the finishing touch. After all, you want to enjoy it for years.

The benefits

When laminate is laid for free you save not only time but also money. Most do it yourself people have a waste of 30-50%. This is not only more expensive but also bad for the environment. In addition, the finish can often be much better. When a company offers this you better be grateful for it. They also know exactly which underlay absorbs the best. 

Common mistakes when laminate is not laid for free

Or how about the most commonly made mistake. Wood contains moisture and many people forget to install moisture protectors. Over time this can cause warping or bulging in the laminate. The reason companies provide free laminate installation is simple. They often get complaints that it is not good or that it wears quickly. This happens 9 out of 10 times by incorrect laying and to prevent this they offer this service.

Buy laminate

When you have found your perfect laminate, your house can be renovated. Often you buy this laminate including installation. But not everywhere they use the same prices. Therefore, do a good job of searching the internet in advance for a company that offers free laminate installation. This not only ensures a seamless finish but they also know exactly what you need. If you rent a house then you often have to deal with certain requirements in terms of flooring. These must be soundproof. Wood also contains water which can cause the laminate to bulge. You can prevent this by using moisture protectors. They also recommend, for example, the right skirting boards. This ensures a good and beautiful finish of the floor. They also make everything to measure. In addition, you have less waste if you do it yourself which on balance makes it cheaper.

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