Hungarian point floor

Hungarian point floor

The biggest advantage of the Hungarian point floor is that it has a modern look. Many people also compare this floor to the herringbone floor that has been very popular in recent years. In addition, there is a wide variety of finishes possible with this floor. This ensures that it can be fitted into almost any interior. Often you also have a wide choice of colors and if desired, it is even possible to choose the type of wood yourself. Usually chipboard is used as the underlay for these beautiful Hungarian point floors.

What are the benefits of a Hungarian point floor?

The biggest advantage of the Hungarian point floor is the range of colors in which it is available. In addition, you can choose from different types of wood that each have their own unique characteristics. It is also possible to customize the floor to your wishes. The finish of the floor is often negotiable and this ensures a lot of variation. Usually people choose a shiny floor, but there are also plenty of people who do not like this. Of course, you can also keep the traditional look because this characterizes the past and might be hot again in the future. Trends change frequently and that's the great thing about this floor that grows with the times.

Why do people choose to do this?

People choose the Hungarian point floor because it is very durable. Often in the production of these floors, people choose to do it in such a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Times are changing and therefore people are investing more and more in having a sustainable floor installed. In most cases, a terrazzo or hungarian floor is then chosen. These not only have an excellent lifespan, but the maintenance is also minimal. It is also possible to give a smoked look that radiates a lot of warmth. Compared to other wood floors, this floor really stands out! Because of the many possibilities, customization is certainly possible. In this way you also create a personal atmosphere in your home.

Choose a durable floor with the Hungarian point floor

A Hungarian point floor is also considered a durable floor. Most people can leave this floor in the house for more than 25 years. However, it is advisable to have the floor polished every few years. This will make the floor look like new again and it will last for several years. They are also called elegant and stylish floors because of the many finishing options available. In most cases the boards are laid at an angle of 45 to 60 degrees and then joined together seamlessly. In the herringbone floor, much larger angles of up to 90 degrees are used. However, it is a matter of taste what you prefer to look like.

How do you clean a Hungarian point floor?

It is best to clean the Hungarian point floor without using chemicals. Often it is sufficient to clean the floor with just warm tepid water. For specific stains it is best to take a cloth as soon as possible and clean this area with a cleaning agent. However, this can cause replacement so try as much as possible with just water. Always make sure you wring out the cloth or mop thoroughly. Floors like slightly damp maintenance and do not need to be swimming in water. At the specialty store, they often have separate polish for these floors. This is because all-purpose cleaners or other chemical cleaners can damage the finish. It is also possible to have the floor waxed to protect it.

What colors and variants are there ?

The Hungarian point floor is one of the few wood floors that is available in almost all colors. The Hungarian point is often compared to a herringbone, but the difference is clear when you look at the pictures. The points of the Hungarian floor are much denser and at a different angle than the herringbone. You can also choose for PVC Hungarian point floors. These are available in even more colors so they fit into any style. The advantage of PVC is that you can usually click it together yourself. This ensures that the costs are much lower in that case.

What is the cost of a Hungarian point floor?

Depending on the material used and the finish you have done to the Hungarian point floor, the price is around €80-120 per square meter. Many people choose these floors because they have a calmer effect than the herringbone. In addition, there are many possibilities in terms of finishing because various materials can be used. It therefore looks a lot tighter which most people find pleasing. Most people treat this floor with wood oil for an even better finish, but you can also use color oil or varnish. Sometimes the floors are even double laid to create an even more beautiful effect. It depends on the interior and the wishes you have how the floor can be finished.


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